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    Create ear training and sight-singing exercises and monitor the results of your students Read More
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    With EarMaster Cloud, provide a EarMaster license to all the teachers and students of your school for as low as €/$ 3 per user a year! The software can be installed and used at home and at the school. Read More
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Ear training makes you a better musician

EarMaster 6 is the leading software for ear training, sight-singing and rhythm practice

sight singing video
 Click to see the new Sight-Singing activity in action

All you need to train your musical skills on PC & Mac

Sight-sing melodies into a microphone and get immediate feedback on your performance

Sing back melodies played by EarMaster in perfect pitch

Train with interactive melodic and rhythmic dictations

Learn to recognize by ear and transcribe intervals, chords, scales, progressions and more

Sight-read and clap back rhythms with perfect accuracy - including swing rhythms!

Start becoming a better musician today! Order EarMaster Pro 6 now for only


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