Mic transposing doesn't work on melodic sight singing

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Mic transposing doesn't work on melodic sight singing

Postby trebuchet57 » Mar 06, 2014 11:06 pm

Hi! first of all i have to say thanks to the Ear Master team for such an amazing software. I began using it 6 years ago (EarMaster 5)....when i started the music college, and it's been my best partner since then.

I've just reacently downloaded the EarMaster Pro 6.1 (build 623PW) demo, i was really interested in the new melodic sight singing feature. I want to be able of practicing melodic sight singing even in notes written beyond the upper and lower limits of my vocal range, for purposes of praticing in all clefs available, in their full visual range of five lines and some leger lines; so i go to the mic calibration tool, and in the transposing section i select +12 or -12 for singing an octave higher or lower than written, but the program doesn't recognize the tones as correct. The option "any octave" in the exercise settings is not available for sight singing. I dont know what else to try. I am a composer and i need to be able of reading/singing in all cleffs, and practice transposition to other intervals for reading transposed instrument scores too. Please help. Thanks!

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