Latency issues

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Latency issues

Postby ZeroZero » Apr 28, 2017 1:07 am

Been away a while. Previously EarMaster regime really helped my ears. Thank you.

I have a semi pro fast Win 10 system. Sound outputs to a focusrite liquid 56. Input is my Roland RD700NX. I have set MiDI out to FluidR3

I am getting a lot of latency. I discovered the preferences thing and it has gone down from about 30, to about 7 or 8, which I find unusable.

Also, I have a lot of good quality VST instruments. I think it is not possible to swap the piano?


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Re: Latency issues

Postby Niclas » Apr 28, 2017 3:01 am


It is the latency setting in the preferences you are referring to? Usually a number as low as 7-8 is too low. I believe the standard setting is 46, which should be around ideal for most computers. You should try to play around with it around that number, since small adjustments to this number influence it quite a bit.

Unfortunately EarMaster does not support VST instruments, so you can't change the sounds that way. You can load in another SoundFont though.


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