Expected date for High Sierra Compatability

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Re: Expected date for High Sierra Compatability

Postby Arthur_M » Dec 05, 2017 3:01 pm

I have just discovered the problems related to the compatibility of EarMaster Pro 6 and MacOs High Sierra.

Let's be clear: the v6 not being compatible with High Sierra is YOUR problem, and NOT customers' problem. How can you ask me to repay for a software I bought less than a year ago??

I suppose I know the answer: you tell us that, technically, you cannot make the v6 compatible, but you probably just want to save time and money by focusing only on the v7. Otherwise, how do you explain any other software works perfectly on the new MacOs?

I don't want to pay for the v7. And I do not even ask for a discount. I ask for what we all have the right to claim: a v6 update!! Or: a free v7 for every v6 customer, with the guarantee that our data saved on v6 will be integrated in the v7, so that we do not have to start all over again.

Again: it is YOUR problem. I you cannot guarantee your software will be working more than a year, then do not sell it.

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Re: Expected date for High Sierra Compatability

Postby Quentin » Dec 06, 2017 4:37 am

I reckon that it is a very unfortunate situation, and we're sincerely sorry about it. As I mentionned before in this thread, it is just not possible to make EarMaster 6 work with High Sierra without rewriting most of it, which is the same as making a brand new application. Many other applications have run into that problem, including several versions of a famous music score application.

We didn't break EarMaster's Mac compatibility. The problem was caused by changes brought by the new macOS. We have done our best to find a smooth solution by announcing the lack of High Sierra compatibility on our website and via our newsletter before its release, and by providing a temporary BETA license to all users who oversaw the notice and upgraded to 10.13. We also make sure that the upgrade price is kept low ($30) and included a 6+ months grace period.

It is not in our interest to antigonize our users. We are also musicians like you, not cold-blooded businessmen. If you still feel that we are being unfair, please contact us at support@earmaster.com to discuss this further.
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