Beginner's Course - Vocal Range Issue

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Beginner's Course - Vocal Range Issue

Postby Ascholl » Dec 05, 2017 10:02 pm

I am using Earmaster 7 on Windows 10.

I have set my vocal range to Baritone under the settings, but the Beginner's Course shows the G Clef and uses tones from C4 to E5 no matter what range i choose. As a test I set a custom range as E2 to C4, but the Beginner's course still uses the C4 to E5 range.

If i use General Workshops or Customized Exercise, the range is correct and the software shows the F Clef.

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Re: Beginner's Course - Vocal Range Issue

Postby Quentin » Dec 06, 2017 4:50 am

The beginner's course only uses the G-clef, and EarMaster will transpose anything you sing to the correct octave, so you can just sing the melodies in the octave that you feel comfortable in. Traditionally, the G-clef is the first to be taught, and other clefs are introduced later. This applies also to EarMaster's beginner's course.

I understand the lack of mention of this can be confusing, so we will add a notice about it in in the next update.
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