Chord inversions in Earmaster 7

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Chord inversions in Earmaster 7

Postby kehammel » Dec 10, 2017 10:21 pm

I would consider upgrading from Earmaster 6 to 7 if they have fixed the following problem: The "play your answer" button for chord inversions does not work properly.

For example, I set the key to C major only to simplify the exercise. I then pick just two chords to choose between- root and 1st inversion played harmonically. This reduces the exercise to just two choices (which is a good simplification for a beginner). I then ask for a new question. Let's say Earmaster gives me the C major 1st inversion, but I misjudge it and I say it's the root. After getting the message that my answer was wrong, I hit the button labeled "play my answer" because I want to hear what I thought I heard (CEG played harmonically) and compare it with the correct chord that sounds when I hit the "play question" button (EGC played harmonically).

However, the "play my answer" button does not give CEG. It gives EG#B, i.e. E major in root position. Of course I did not think I heard an E major chord in root postion when I made my mistake. It was C major in root position I mistakenly thought I heard.

Unless there's a way to change the settings I haven't realized, or unless this has been fixed in Earmaster 7, the "play my answer" button in the chord inversion excercise is essentially useless.

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Re: Chord inversions in Earmaster 7

Postby Quentin » Dec 11, 2017 4:15 am


In the Chord inversion exercise (both in v6 and v7), EarMaster plays chords as close to each other as possible, so that the identification task is not too obvious. The exercise is not based on hearing the different voicings of one specific chord, but rather to differentiate between the different types of voicing when all notes are in the vicinity of each other.

I hope what I wrote makes sense :)
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