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Swedish translation

Postby JAG » Dec 26, 2006 8:19 am

I just tested Earmaster 5.0 601P trial and for some reason I wanted to start with the microphone input. I went into "interval singing" but I couldn't get how it was supposed to work.

When singing a note the screen says (in Swedish) "press space to input the note". But when I did so it inputs a note and tells me it's incorrect (even if it was the major third or whatever).

After countless fails I checked the help and it said (in English) to use Ctrl or Insert key. Well, I can tell you that it made a great difference. :-)

I read on the forum that I can edit the texts myself in swedish.lan. That's useful... Here's an example of another Swedish prompt that is gramatically confusing:

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0455=Sjung eller spela det "%s" övre %s
Either the translator was sloppy or the tools aren't giving enough help. Are there any tools to see where the texts are used? It's not that easy to guess where and how a string is used in the program if you didn't see it. And usage can make the difference for the translation.

I also spotted this mistake in english.lan:

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5500=Please enter you serial number
I can offer to proofread Swedish. Should I contact the team? Other posts seems to indicate that they want only one translator per language. Would the translator in that case be interested in my help?

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