Pitch range of exercises

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Pitch range of exercises

Postby Frambo » May 22, 2007 3:57 am

In the 'standard tutor' I have the programme set for guitar but often the randomly generated questions are in the bass clef well below the normal range of guitar. Ultimately it will be good for my ears to learn to hear better in that very low register but I thought if guitar was selected the pitch range would be the same as the guitar. Does the programme in 'standard turor' not automatically set its pitch range to match the guitar when guitar is selected? I realise I can use the 'advanced' function in 'customized exercise' to set the range ~ maybe I'm just being lazy :laugh3: Aside from major and minor I've found it hard to hear the cord qualities when in the lower parts of the bass clef ~ it all sounds rumbled 8-|

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