Rhythmic and melodic dictation problem

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Rhythmic and melodic dictation problem

Post by zenjazzgirl » Jan 12, 2021 4:42 am

Hello, I am really enjoying this awesome app, but the one exercise I am having a LOT of trouble with is the melodic / rhythmic combination dictation. The note value toolbar is very user-unfriendly. It seems to constantly default to a crotchet value, even when I click on a minim or semibreve. We should be able to use a click and drag option to place note values from the toolbar onto the staff. The other problem is moving to the next note in a bar, why can't I use the Tab key to move the yellow rectangle to the next beat of a bar and then fill in with the correct note value and pitch ?

The technology should support our learning, in my opinion. Other than that I really love the singing exercises, and look forward to using this app every day. Cheers. :D

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