ear master pro 6 rhythmic sight-reading glitches

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ear master pro 6 rhythmic sight-reading glitches

Postby Tdream » Feb 01, 2013 10:47 am

So im on module 7 lesson 2 as of now and i've seen tons of things wrong along the way that I have not written down. Im just going to point out what I see now.

1. When I start the exercise and tap the the rhythm in the first bar the exercise all of the sudden changes to a new rhythm so I have to push stop and start it over in order to play it correctly.
2. The accuracy is not correct. I can play through the exercise very sloppy and out of time and it will tell me Im playing it correctly. Or I can play very precise and on time and it will tell me im wrong.
3.When I get to the 12th bar and the page starts to scroll up so I can read the next line the program stops and starts and slows down.

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