Chord inversions suggestion

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Chord inversions suggestion

Postby Dries » Dec 22, 2014 4:56 am


I have a little suggestion:
In the 'Chord inversions' topic 1, you get the bass note as a reference for the chord (for example a G) on which the different
chords are built. So the possible answers would be:
Root: G B D (G chord)
First inversion: G Bb Eb (Eb chord)
Second inversion: G C E (C chord)

But wouldn't it be more useful if you would compare the different inversions of the SAME chord in the exercise?
So for a G chord:
root: G B D
first inversion: B D G
Second inversion: D G B
(But the lowest note changes, which might be the problem)

This way you really get to know how the different inversions of the same chord sound.
I think it would be useful as an option anyway. :)

Kind regards

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Re: Chord inversions suggestion

Postby Quentin » Dec 29, 2014 9:09 am


The exercises of the standard course have indeed been set up that way by the teacher who made it, but in customized activity training mode, you can use it the other way (inversions of the same chord) by setting the Transposition option to "User-defined" and then selecting specific keys instead of "root tone".
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