Which piano should I learn?

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Which piano should I learn?

Postby ramin2016 » Jul 14, 2016 2:17 pm


Question1 : Which piano-sound should I learn?
piano1 on earmaster 5 (It is like piano-sound on sibelius) or yamaha grand piano on earmaster 6.

Question2 : Is piano-sound yamaha (grand piano) on earmaster 6 digital or real?

Question 3 : which octaves are necessary for learning?

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Re: Which piano should I learn?

Postby Quentin » Jul 15, 2016 4:19 am

Hi there,

It's really up to you which sound you want to use. In EarMaster 5, the sound is the one included in Windows and OSX, which most MIDI programs also use. It's a synthetic piano sound. In EarMaster 6, the sound is made of samples of a real piano. This means that it sounds much better, but the sound has of course slightly more variation in pitch when it rings as opposed to purely synthethic sounds that aren't "alive" as real-life instruments.

As for which octaves are necessary, it's again up to you really and depends on your needs, but don't think too much it. Most instruments are playing in a limited octave range Between C1 and B5 roughly, and many go even lower and higher. EarMaster will make use of most octaves, but will usually place questions within most common ranges. Notice that in all singing exercises of EarMaster 6, your vocal range set in "File-->User Properties" determines the tone range of the questions.
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