Suggestion:Sort the data on results and statistics

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Suggestion:Sort the data on results and statistics

Postby rmatosinhos » Jan 20, 2018 5:51 am

The statistics are sorted by date. However being able to sort the data by other parameters could be very helpful.
Imagine I want to see my best result, I just had to click on the top of the results column.
Then there are several 90%, but I want to see them by date, so just click on top of the date column,

Or clicking on the results, and date and see that one month ago I was identifying for example perfect 5th with a 70% accuracy and today also with the same accuracy, but today I only took a fraction of the time to identify them...

Or for example clicking on the Hour to see are the hours where I have the most productivity...

So the possibilities are endless.

Also on the teachers view of the students result can be very helpful to do this. For example right now it is difficult to look for the student name because they are not sorted alphabetically.

The only now side on this is that it is required a button on top to reset the sorting options. An other option could be having this setting only for this session and on next session the results would be sorted as default.

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