good blues/ rock songs to transcfibe

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good blues/ rock songs to transcfibe

Postby mbwinther » Mar 29, 2020 8:28 am

hey everybody

I run into a problem that I am unsure which song I want to transcribe, so I am looking for some advice and inspiration.
I am a huge fan of ACDC, but infortune my ears are not good enough yet. I have a hard to transcribe fast solo, but I really get to the level were I can, so basicily I am looking for some medium fast songs so I can delvolep my ears to pick up the fast things.
I haven´t good the big troubles transcribing like bb king solos, because he is not that fast.

and it would be good with some real good blues songs as well, so I can really learn the blues and "steal" some awesome blues lick to improve my soloing skills as well

hope someone can help, cheers!

and sorry if there is any spelling mistake, english is not my first language

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