Desired features

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Desired features

Postby DJ Breathe » Apr 07, 2020 5:03 pm

Hi all,
I tried to "recommend improvements" within the EarMaster Pro 7 beta software but it was only bringing up outlook and I don't use that so I came here to the forums. Here's a list of improvements I would like to see.

1) It seems as though there is no chromatic scale in the "Scale Identification" exercises (Am I just missing it?). That would be great to have.

2) On all these scales, I would like to see the solfege syllables under the notes instead of simlply the numeric interval distance between the notes.

3) Scale singing! It would be great to have scale singing as with the visual feedback as a feature.

4) Chord singing!

5) Probably the hardest feature on the list: Vowel detection and solfege being incorporated into the quizzes

Please tell me if these features are available and I am overlooking them. Thank you!

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Re: Desired features

Postby Quentin » Apr 14, 2020 1:56 am


Thanks for your feedback! Here are some comments:

1) You can train with the "Chromatic scale" in Customized Exercise mode
2) You can do that by selecting "Solfege Keyboard" as lower or upper instrument and "Movable-Do Solfege" as tone naming system in the exercise options (right panel)
3) and 4) Yes, those have a high priority on our to-do list
5) That would indeed be a wonderful exercise! Maybe in the future

You can write to to get in touch with our dev team directly if you have more suggestions.
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