technical difficulties

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technical difficulties

Postby amagill » Oct 03, 2020 6:01 pm

Hello everyone,
I am having an extremely difficult and frustrating time with EarMaster and it is making me want to smash my computer into a million pieces. I do not have the patience for technology as it is and I am super tired of the amount of glitches I am experiencing. It started off fine but as I have used it more and more over the past 48 hours it has gotten more difficult to use.
For example when I am matching pitch or sight singing it will often tell me I missed a note, or missed many notes, often before it has even let me sing anything. sometimes I don't even get counted in by the metronome before it tells me it was wrong. Or I will hit a note perfectly and it will tell me I missed it. At first when this happened closing the app was enough to refresh it and get it working again, and occasionally if I needed to I would restart my computer. Now neither of those processes are working. Before it took a while for it to start glitching and now I am on the app for half an hour before it starts stuffing up? I have had other musicians verify that it is not me and it is a glitch as they have listened and watched.
Yes I understand to sing with the metronome, and I can match the tones easily, I can tell if I have missed a note I am a singer, and I'm doing the beginner course which is super easy singing. I am really confused and frustrated. I am almost finished with level 8 and the app seems to run smoothly for less and less time each time I open it.
Could it be an issue with internet? I am synced to a cloud account and doing it through a uni course and my internet is poor, again it didn't seem to affect it too much in the beginning.
I apologise for having a bit of a tantrum, it's just upsetting me to be pouring unnecessary hours into this and having it get worse and worse the longer I try until I quite literally wait and try again the next day, upon which it temporarily works well. A friend has experienced something similar but not to the same degree.
I am not in a totally quiet space but it didn't affect it in the beginning. I have a brand new computer with nothing on the CPU. I have the latest version of EarMaster. Thoughts?
Thank you in advance!!!!!

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Re: technical difficulties

Postby Quentin » Oct 05, 2020 12:23 am


Thanks for sharing your thoughts and impressions. I understand it can be frustrating when you are singing a piece correctly and the software tells you it wasn't.

The first thing that comes to my mind is: are you using headphones? If you aren't using headphones, the sound of the metronome might get picked up by the mic and that can trigger the evaluation of your software. Even you are using headphones, a lot of background noise can have the same effect.

If you find that there is a systematic problem with the software, then maybe there's a bug that hasn't yet been reported, in which case we will fix it. To do that, all we need is being able to reproduce the bug. The easiest way for us to do that is to receive a video form you where we can see the problem happen and find out how exactly it happens. You can make the video with a smartphone. Try to film everything form the moment you launch the app until you answer at least 2 questions and the problem is occuring. Hopefully this will give us all we need to find out what exactly is not working and fix it.

You can send the video to, preferably via a service like wetransfer
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