Remove the need for midi note off in the rhythm exercises.

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Remove the need for midi note off in the rhythm exercises.

Postby Nick » Aug 16, 2007 8:17 pm

It sucks how there has to be a note off message before earmster will accept another note on in the rhythm exercises. It means you have to play really staccato to make sure that every note is counted (especially in the standard rhythm reading exercises from lesson 30+, when the notes get really close together and super precise).

Why not set the program so that it accepts any note on, regardless of whether there has been a note off? it would also make playing rhythms with multiple fingers much more accessible.

The only reason I could think of for why this hasn't been done is to stop people playing multiple rhythmic notes on the exact same beat. If that is the case, then just make all the extra notes crosses. I'd much prefer that to this note off issue. :?

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