Thinking Behind Excercises

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Thinking Behind Excercises

Postby Sinder » Aug 28, 2008 5:08 am

Does anyone want to share their stream of thought about doing exercises,
for example while doing Interval Identification, as i read before on this forum, most successful way is to compare it with a melody you know.

But what about Rhythm imitation? As i see it, there are two ways of trying to do that:
1. Just remembering the rhythm as it sounds, it works fine for me for 1 or 2 bars, but starting with 3 bars, i start to mix the order of bars and the notes.
2. Counting the beats, and memorizing the rhythm in more of a note way, but problem here is that in mind the beats i count mix the ones i try to remember.

I know i will figure it out and improve my memory, but it would be nice to hear your opinions, :) (for other exercises as well)

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