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Suggestions for new songs and changes to our interval song example chart
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All 12

Postby Arpeggio » Jan 19, 2011 3:46 am

Corresponding to syllables of words (R) means Root (Number) means interval...

minor 2nd = Jaws

2nd = Happy(R) Birth(2)day(R)

minor 3rd = Brahms lullaby, Go to(R) sleep(b3)

Perfect 4th = Wedding March, Here(R) comes(4) the(4) bride(4)

diminished 5th = Purple Haze intro

Perfect 5th = StarWars or Superman

minor6th = Love story, Where(b6) do(R) we(R) begin(b6)

6th = My way (Frank sinatra), and(R) now(6)

minor 7th = 1st two strange sounding notes of the original Star treck theme tune

7th = The "o" from Somewhere over the Rainbow, Some(R) where(octave) o(7)

Octave = Somewhere over the Rainbow, Some(R) where(octave)

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