[Feature Request] More useful statistics

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[Feature Request] More useful statistics

Postby Jays » Jan 17, 2020 3:40 pm

Hi, I'm really enjoying working through the beginner's course, but the statistics could be improved: when I look through completed lessons the top level stats for lesson 8 say 84%, but when I go into the stats for the lesson, each section is showing above 90%, which makes it hard to see which sections to tackle in order to improve my overall score. Rather than showing the high score for each section, it would be more useful to show the average, as this would correspond to the top-level stat for the lesson.

On a related note, on one session of lesson 8.10 there was too much noise outside, I had to abort the lesson after a couple of minutes with a dismal score of 23% (my next lowest is 72%). This 23% glowers at me every time I check the 8.10 section stats. I'm desperately hoping that when you calculate averages you don't take the average of every lesson ever taken, but rather take the average of the last X lessons or the last Y days - that way I can still hope to attain 100% eventually.

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Re: [Feature Request] More useful statistics

Postby Quentin » Jan 21, 2020 8:09 am


at the moment, the module score reflects all attempts at the lessons included in the module. However, the score for each lesson is your best attempt. This can be confusing, so it will be harmonized so as to show an average of your best attempts for the module score.

For example:
Lesson 1 - best attempt 100%
Lesson 2 - best attempt 80%

Module score - 90%
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