Newer iPad - login problems

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Newer iPad - login problems

Post by TDB » Jul 30, 2022 8:50 am


One of my students gets this error on their (newish) iPad when trying to log in:

PerformNewCloudLogin: login failed
(C:/Sourcecode/EarmasterD10.4Release/units/uLogin.pas, line 121)

(My apologies for the forward slashes instead of backslashes ;-) )

How can we fix this?

Thank you :-)


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Re: Newer iPad - login problems

Post by Quentin » Aug 01, 2022 4:03 am


Could you please delete then reinstall the app? According to the colleague I talked with who is in charge of development, it might solve the issue.

The development team is investigating this now and trying to understand why your student saw that error message. It will most likely be an easy fix available via an upcoming update.
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