BandLoot - Free Money Management webapp for bands

Manage your band money together, as a band, and never argue about band money again

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What is BandLoot?

Too many bands waste their time trying to figure out money issues instead of focusing on playing music. 

BandLoot is a free online money tracker for bands. With Bandloot, all the members of your band can check how your band money is used, how much cash the band actually has, and how much each band member owes to the rest of the band.

What can I do with it?

  • Monitor how band money is spent
  • Share revenues and expenses with your bandmates
  • Set specific shares for each member
  • Manage your band kitty (loot mode), together
  • Receive e-mail notifications
  • Access your account from anywhere, it's in the cloud
  • Get a grip on your band's cash!

BandLoot is completely free to use

BandLoot is totally free, and there is no catch! After creating an account, you will get immediate access to all the features of BandLoot, free of charge. There is no premium version, optional purchases or hidden costs awaiting you.

Made entirely by EarMaster ApS

BandLoot is developed, run and provided by EarMaster ApS, the company behind the ear training software suite EarMaster. EarMaster ApS is a Danish company founded in 1996, and the EarMaster products are used by leading music schools and universities, professional and amateur musicians, and music students.

Read more about EarMaster on the company’s official website: or on Wikipedia:

Why did we create BandLoot?

All the employees working at EarMaster ApS are musicians, often playing actively in bands. At lunchtime, there used to come up stories about how tough it was to keep track of who owed how much to the other band members, and how the lack of transparency in the way band money was managed was a rather big turn off. This is how we came to think of creating a simple yet efficient tool to manage band finances collectively online. The initial plan was to develop a very basic web app for internal use, but as the project grew, it became obvious that it was something many other musicians may find useful.

What is 'Social Accounting'?

BandLoot is the pioneer of Social Accounting. Social Accounting means that money management is handled collectively by a group of persons (the shareholders) in all transparency. The great novelty here is that instead of leaving all responsibility on one single person’s shoulders, finances can now be managed easily together, as a group, with little or no room for mistrust or disputes.

Get finally control over your band money democratically, as a band!

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