Pizzicato Pro

Pizzicato Pro
Price: US$ 195.00

Pizzicato Pro - an ocean of tools to compose music

Everything you need to write sheet music, compose music with advanced composition tools, and arrange scores

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Pizzicato might not be the prettiest program around, but nothing comes close in terms of features - it does it all! So, let's put our esthetical qualms aside, and enjoy the huge amount of advanced features of Pizzicato: professional music notation, advanced composition tools, music theory course, built-in audio effects and modular synths, support for tablature and alternative notation systems, etc. Pizzicato will help you choose, organize and structure harmonies, melodies and rhythms.

  • Powerful feature sets for advanced music notation
  • Easy-to-use composition tools that make music composition available to everyone
  • Includes for audio editing, sound creation, virtual synthesizers and a high quality sound library
  • MIDI sequencing and effects.
  • Comprehensive tutorial to master every aspect of Pizzicato.
  • Built-in music theory course

More info about Pizzicato: http://www.arpegemusic.com/pizzicato-professionnel.htm

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