EarMaster Pro 7 (Windows/Mac)

Price: US$ 59.95

EarMaster Pro 7 for Windows and Mac

The complete software for ear training, sight-singing practice, and rhythm training at all skill levels

Download license for up to 2 computers running Windows 7/8/10/11 or macOS 10.12 or newer

The Pro license for Windows and Mac includes:

  • Beginner's Course (219 lessons)
  • General Workshops (14 workshops)
  • Jazz workshops (14 workshops)
  • Customized Exercises (12 activities)
  • Plus all the free content (Call of the Noes and 2 customized activities)

Sight-singing with EarMaster

With more than 2500 interactive lessons, EarMaster Pro 7 covers all the core aspects of ear training, sight-singing and rhythm training:

✔ sight-sing melodies off musical scores
✔ sing back melodies you just heard
✔ clap back rhythms you just heard
✔ sing on pitch
✔ transcribe music by ear
✔ play in rhythm and with precise timing
✔ recognize chords, intervals, scales and cadences by ear
✔ Learn the specificities of Jazz harmony and Swing
✔ Used by the best music schools worldwide
✔ Perfect for AP Music Theory, ABRSM, RCM, Trinity, Rockschool, and more...

Most musicians want to improve their music theory skills but let’s be honest, it’s neither the easiest or the most exciting part of music learning. It requires a lot of time, dedication, consistency and also a devoted training partner. That’s exactly why we created EarMaster: to make music theory easy, motivating and fun to learn. It’s so efficient that you will make solid, lasting progress within the first few weeks of use!

Developed in close partnership with music theory experts from several universities, EarMaster enables you to improve your skills with the exact same exercises that you would meet in the best music schools – but don’t take out word for it: EarMaster is also used by thousands of music schools around the world to accompany music theory courses at most teaching levels.

So if you are serious about your musical skills, don’t waste one more minute and get started with EarMaster. Because if you can hear it, you can play it!


  • Beginner's course to learn all the core music theory skills.
  • Complete ear training covering intervals, chords, chord inversions, scales, harmonic progressions, melodies, rhythm, and more.
  • Voice detection technology that recognizes the notes you sing.
  • Sight-singing course: Sing on-screen scores into a microphone (not included) and get immediate feedback on your pitch and time accuracy.
  • Rhythm training: tap rhythms in real time and get instant feedback on your performance.
  • Customize everything: Take complete control of the software and configure your own exercises with hundreds of options available: voicing, key, pitch range, cadences, time limits, etc.
  • Connect a MIDI instrument (Not included) to play your answers.
  • An intelligent help system can be activated anywhere in the software.
  • Free email support by qualified in-house staff.
  • Jazz workshops with additional exercises for advanced users: jazz chords and progressions, swing rhythms, Jazz sight-singing and melody sing-back exercises based on Jazz standards such as "After You've Gone", "Ja-Da", "Rock-a-Bye Your Baby", "St. Louis Blues", and many more.
  • Detailed statistics and results: Follow your progress day by day and spot your strengths and weaknesses.

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