EarMaster 6 - The software suite for ear training, sight-singing and rhythmic training

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Ear training and Sight-singing practice on PC & Mac

The easy, motivating and efficient way to become a better musician

EarMaster macbook sml

  • Over 2000 exercises for ear training, sight-singing, and rhythm training at all skill levels
  • Learn to recognize, transcribe and sing melodies, scales, chords, intervals, chord progressions and rhythms
  • Jazz course with swing rhythms, jazz chords, and sight-singing of Jazz standards
  • Detailed statistics to monitor your progress
  • Customize the exercises to practice the way you want
  • Answer questions with multiple-choice buttons, the notation staff, on-screen instruments (piano, guitar, bass, violin, cello, mandolin, banjo, etc.), solfege syllables, scale degrees and more
  • Use a microphone to sing, clap or play your answers in real-time
  • Use a MIDI keyboard to play your answers and control the functions of EarMaster remotely
  • Over a hundred instrument sounds sampled from real instruments

The difference between good and excellent musicians...

Ear training is often seen as a tedious subject: it requires hours of practice, consistency, perseverance, and a lot of hard work. Fortunately, a tool such as EarMaster will make your ear training just as effective as with traditional methods, but in a more entertaining and motivating way

Being used by thousands of schools in most countries for many years, EarMaster is a serious and reliable practice tool that will help you improve your aural skills and reach new levels of musicianship - Because the difference between a good musician and an excellent musician is almost always a good musical ear

Who should be using EarMaster?

The current version of EarMaster is the outcome of many years of collaboration with music teachers and students. It was designed to meet the needs of:

Music students who need to practice for ear training and sight-singing exams

Music teachers looking for a reliable tool to create interactive ear training and sight-singing exercises and drills

Professional musicians & hobbyists interested in keeping their musical ear in shape 

Available in 3 versions 

3 versions of EarMaster

EarMaster is available in 3 different versions for PC and Mac:

EarMaster Pro 6 - for all musicians and music students - US$ 59.95  

EarMaster 6 Teacher Edition - for music educators teaching at all levels - US$ 69.95

EarMaster Essential 5 - the core features of the Pro version to get started US$ 29.95


Multi-user licenses for music schools

EarMaster is also available as multi-user packages for music schools, conservatories, choirs and universities:

EarMaster Cloud - For home and school use. Includes licenses for the Pro and Teacher versions of EarMaster, and syncs assignments and results over the internet. More info >>

EarMaster Lab Packs - Multi-seat licenses to install and use EarMaster with your students in the computer lab of your school. Can run in mixed Windows/OSX networks. More info >>

Features of EarMaster 6

All you need for sight-singing, ear training and rhythm training 

Used by music schools and conservatories across the world to train the music professionals of tomorrow, EarMaster 6 will help you take your musical skills to the next level and make you a better musician. The program includes all you need for consistent and highly effective ear training, sight-singing practice and rhythm training.

earmaster 62 melody singback

The easy, motivating and efficient way to become a better musician

Music students, professional performers, and hobbyists: EarMaster was made for you!

EarMaster 6 is for musicians of all levels. Music students, hobbyists or professional musicians will always find exercises, drills and tests that will challenge their sight-singing, aural and rhythmic skills regardless of their current level of musicianship. On top of that, EarMaster's progressive built-in courses will increase the difficulty with each exercise, accompanying you on your way to better aural and sight-reading skills.

alllevels preview

Over 2000 exercises for all skill levels

Just follow the guide

2 complete courses with over 2000 exercises will help you organize your training. As you move along the exercises, the difficulty will be raised automatically to match your level and skills.

Not only will you make progress with every new training session, but you will also experience how ear training and sight-singing practice can be motivating, entertaining and effective!

EarMaster's exercises will train you to recognize, transcribe, read, sing and play:

- intervals
- Chords
- Chord inversions
- Harmonic progressions and cadences
- Scales and modes
- Rhythms
- Melodies



Jazz course

Train with Jazz harmonies and swing rhythms

The new EarMaster Jazz course includes hundreds of exercises for sight-singing and ear training (melodic dictation and melody sing-back). The lessons cover varied topics such as «Blues Scales and Blues Songs», «1920's American Swing Hits», «Ballads and Blues in Minor», «Novelty Songs and Rhythms», «Irish Ballads and Folk Music», «Fun with Irving Berlin», as well as a variety of Jazz and Blues all-time classics like “After You've Gone”, “St. James Infirmary”, “Mandy”, “The Sheik of Arabia”, “At the Devil's Ball”, “Missouri Waltz” and many more.

The EarMaster Jazz Course also includes exercises on the specifics of Jazz music: jazz chords, jazz progressions and swing rhythms. EarMaster has always given an important place to Jazz in its exercises, so if you want to get started with serious Jazz ear training, EarMaster is truly the way to go: Solmization, sight-singing of lead sheets, clapping back of swing rhythms, and more.

jazz preview

Entirely customizable

On-demand ear training and sight-singing

You need to practice with specific intervals, chords or scales in specific keys? Use a G-, F- or C-clef? Train sight-singing with specific musical scores? Use relative-do solfege or scale degrees as tone naming? Do you need to create hardcore training setups to prepare for exams?

With EarMaster, all you need to do is select your options in the Activity Setup Window and start your Customized training - with a capital 'C'.

earmaster6 exercisesettings

Real-time voice input

Put the mouse aside and sing, clap or play all your answers

Most of the exercises can be used with a microphone to sing or clap your answers in real-time. For instance, the Melody Imitation and Rhythm Imitation exercises are exciting call and response activities where you can interact with the program by singing or clapping back what you hear. A pitch curve will be drawn on the notation staff as you sing the tones, and EarMaster will point out the notes that are in pitch, slightly off, or wrong. Try it, it's really fun!

vintage mic 500

On-screen instruments

Pick the on-screen interfaces of your choice!

You can choose between many visual interfaces to see and input notes in EarMaster: staff (single or double), piano, guitar, bass, violin, cello, mandolin, banjo, scale degrees, solfege syllables, or even multiple-choice buttons.

onscreeninterfaces preview

Adaptive questions

We put some A.I. into EarMaster 6

Most lessons include an 'adaptive questions' feature which analyzes your performance and adapts the content of the questions to your needs. If you are doing really well, the lesson will stop early, if you are struggling a bit, it will be extended with additional questions to make sure that you fully grasp the current topic.

adaptivequestions preview

Detailed statistics

Analyze your practice sessions

To help you monitor your progress and analyze your strengths and weaknesses, EarMaster offers a detailed statistics window where you will be able to review your results lesson by lesson, day after day. Should you identify things that demand extra training, you can easily configure each activity in Customized training mode to focus on the items of your choice.



Activities available in EarMaster 6

EarMaster 6 includes 14 activities* for ear training, sight-singing and rhythm practice. Over 2000 exercises and lessons will help you become better at recognizing, transcribing, playing back, and sight-reading music. Most of the activities of EarMaster 6 can be used with a microphone or a MIDI keyboard to sing, clap or play your answers instead of clicking your way through.;

* EarMaster Essential 5 includes only 4 of the 14 activities of the Pro and Teacher versions: Interval comparison, interval identification, chord identification and rhythm reading.


Interval Comparison

pro6 intv comp

EarMaster plays two intervals: Interval A and interval B. You will have to point out which one was the larger of the two.

An interval is the tonal distance between two notes. The size of an interval is therefore measured by the distance between those two notes. Finding out the largest of two intervals is identifying the interval where the distance between its two tones is the biggest. For example, the interval C-E (Major 3rd) is larger than C-D (Major 2nd).

Interval Identification

pro6 intv id

EarMaster plays an interval and asks you to identify it by its name using the multiple-choice buttons, or to transcribe the tones on the on-screen interface of your choice: staff, piano, guitar, bass, violin, solfege keyboard, and more.

Interval Singing

pro6 intv sing

EarMaster plays a tone and asks you to sing or play an interval above or below it.

Example: The note D is played, and the following text is displayed in the top bar: “Sing the Perfect 5th above D.” You will then have to sing the perfect 5th above D, which is A.

Chords & Scales

Chord Identification

pro6 chord id

EarMaster plays a chord and asks you to identify it by its name using the multiple-choice buttons, or to transcribe the tones on the on-screen interface of your choice: staff, piano, guitar, bass, violin, solfege keyboard, and more.

Chord inversions

pro6 chord inv

EarMaster plays a chord in inverted position and asks you to identify it by its name using the multiple-choice buttons, or to transcribe the tones on the on-screen interface of your choice: staff, piano, guitar, bass, violin, solfege keyboard, and more.

Chord Progressions

pro6 chord prog

EarMaster plays a chord progression and asks you to identify it by its name using the multiple-choice buttons, or to specify the step (I, V, bIII etc.) and quality (Major, minor, 7, sus4, etc.) of each chord.

Scale Identification

pro6 sca id

EarMaster plays a scale and asks you to identify it by its name using the multiple-choice buttons, or to transcribe the tones on the on-screen interface of your choice: staff, piano, guitar, bass, violin, solfege keyboard, and more.


Rhythmic Sight-Reading

pro6 rhy read

EarMaster shows you a rhythm notated on the staff, and asks you to clap it while following the metronome.

You can answer the questions by clapping your hands in front of a microphone, tapping the rhythm on the space bar of your computer keyboard, or play it on a MIDI instrument.

Rhythm Imitation

pro6 rhy imit

EarMaster plays a rhythm and asks you to clap it back following the beat of the metronome.

To answer the questions, you can clap your hands in front of a microphone, tap the rhythm on the space bar of your computer keyboard, or play it on a MIDI instrument.

Rhythm Error Detection

pro6 rhy error

EarMaster shows you a rhythm notated on the staff, and then plays it with a few changes.

Your task is to identify these changes by highlighting on the staff the note values that are different from those you heard.

There can be two types of changes:

- A note has been removed

- A note has been divided into two notes

By using this detective-like activity, you will improve your ability to identify rhythmic variations.

Rhythmic Dictation

pro6 rhy dic

EarMaster plays a rhythm and asks you to transcribe it on the staff.


Melodic Dictation

pro6 mel dic

EarMaster plays a melodic phrase, and your task is to transcribe it on the notation staff. To do that, you can use the note toolbar at the left of the screen to select the different note values that you would like to enter, or use shortcuts. Melodies can be played isolated or with an accompaniment (chords or up to 4 melodic voices).

The melodic dictation can be either rhythmic or non-rhythmic, depending on the settings selected for each lesson.

Melody Imitation

pro6 mel imit

EarMaster plays a melodic phrase and asks you to sing or play it back following the beat of the metronome.

You can answer the questions by singing the melody in front of a microphone, by playing it on an musical instrument connected to a soundcard, or by playing it on a MIDI instrument.


pro6 mel sightsinging

EarMaster displays a melodic phrase on the notation staff or as a list of solfege syllables, and asks you to sing it or play it while following the metronome.

You can answer the questions by singing the melody in front of a microphone, by playing it on an musical instrument connected to a soundcard, or by playing it on a MIDI instrument.

While you are singing or playing your answer, EarMaster can optionally draw a curve on the notation staff to illustrate your performance and show the accuracy of your answer in details.

Version comparison chart

Find the version of EarMaster that is right for your training needs:

Fields with * = Requires a EarMaster Cloud account


Essential 5

Pro 6

Teacher 6


Typical user

Hobbyist Music student, performer, hobbyist Music teacher


Beginner to Intermediate Beginner to very advanced Beginner to very advanced

Activities included

4 14 14

Exercises & lessons

139 2000+ 2000+

Custom exercises


Course Editor


Multiple users and profiles on same computer

(with OS login)
(with OS & Cloud* login)
(with OS, Cloud* & EarMaster Login)

Cloud sync support*


Email courses and results

(results only)
(results only)

Free trial version




Free & unlimited email support




Interval Comparison


Interval Identification


Interval Singing


Chord Identification


Chord Inversions


Chord Progressions


Scale Identification


Rhythmic Sight-Reading


Rhythm Imitation


Rhythm Error Detection


Rhythmic dictation


Melodic Dictation


Melody Imitation


Melodic Sight-Singing


Courses and exercises


General course


Jazz course


Adaptive questioning


Melody database


Music XML support


Push courses and assignments to students with the Cloud*


Results and Stats


Personal Statistics


Stats of multiple users in same window


Detailed statistics


Print results


Sync results with the Cloud*

(personal results only)

Audio and MIDI


SoundFont (.sf2) support


Standard GM playback


Microphone input


MIDI input


Real-time microphone input

(rhythm only)
(pitch and rhythm)
(pitch and rhythm)

MIDI Remote control


Guitar tuner


Vocal range setting


Note articulation setting




Standard notation staff


Jazz notation staff (real-book style)


On-screen fingerboard 

(2 color presets)
(2 color presets)

On-screen piano keyboard


Multiple-choice answers


Fingerboard presets

Guitar, Bass, Violin, Cello, Banjo Guitar, Bass, Violin, Cello, Banjo, Mandolin Guitar, Bass, Violin, Cello, Banjo, Mandolin

Left-handed fingerboard


User-defined string tuning 


Tone naming

Anglo-Saxon (C, D, E, etc.)

Fixed-Do, solmization

Movable-Do solmization

Anglo-Saxon (C, D, E, etc.)

Fixed-Do solmization

Movable-Do solmization

Scale degrees (Arabic & Roman numerals)

Anglo-Saxon (C, D, E, etc.)

Fixed-Do solmization

Movable-Do solmization

Scale degrees (Arabic & Roman numerals)

Solfege syllables input


License and prices


1-computer license

 US$ 29.95  US$ 59.95  US$ 69.95

Family Pack (3-computer license)

   US$ 99.95  

Included in Cloud license

More info>>
More info>>

Included in Lab Packs (Network version)

More info>>
More info>>

System Requirements

OS-compatibility update: EarMaster is fully compatible with both Windows 10 and Mac OSX El Capitan

The following setup is required to use EarMaster 6


Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP (32- or 64-bit)
Minimum screen resolution 1024x768
Soundcard with speakers
Internet connection for activation


Mac OS 10.6 or newer
Minimum screen resolution 1024x768
Soundcard with speakers
Internet connection for activation

Recommended setup

Soundcard with audio input (for microphone/instrument input)
2 Ghz processor
2 GB Ram
MIDI Controller (keyboard, percussion pad, etc.)
Headphones (necessary when using a microphone)

Note for Linux users: We have heard from several users that they got EarMaster 6 to work with W.I.N.E without major issues. As EarMaster is using a built-in soundfont for sound playback, it shouldn't require too much setup or workarounds to be up and running. However, EarMaster is not officially supported on Linux so we can't guarantee that it will work on your Linux setup, and we will only be able to provide you with support related to universal functions of the software.  

User Comments

What our fellow musicians and music educators think of EarMaster

I was very pleased with your product. I downloaded the trial version to assist my preparation with an upcoming audition. I am pleased to report that I passed the audition and was offered a job. This program was an important part of my preparation. I plan on purchaing the full version and letting my kids and students use it to improve their musical skill. I highly recommend this program.
Darrin Thiriot, Clarinetist with one of the Washington D.C. military bands, USA
I bought EarMaster Pro 5 a couple of years ago and am still amazed at the enormous level of professionality and didactical/pedagogical prowess so easily visible every time any one of my family "plays" with it.

The program stands out from the rest by a wide margin and I would like to thank and congratulate you and the development team on this job so well done!
Dr. Ingmar Gutberlet, Bass and guitar player, Germany
and his family of Violin, Clarinet, Trumpet and Flute players
I am going to begin recommending Ear Master Pro 5.0 to my piano students. It works. My daughter used it as a child and is now working on her Masters of Music degree in college. I had forgotten all about EarMaster until recently my daughter reminded me of her success with it.
Julie Blair, piano teacher, author of mypianopage.com, USA
I recently purchased earmaster for Mac. Just to let you know I think the program is fantastic and has all the exercises my students will need to excel at their exams.
Peter Friesen, piano teacher, United Kingdom
Really Ear master is great now proudly i can say that i can play any chord without delay
Mu. Balasubramani, music composer, India
A very helping software...congratulations!
William, beginner guitarist, Dago, Madagascar
I am a music lover - not a musician - and a medical man, playing for my own pleasure piano which I started in my fifth decade. I have to C O N G R A T U L A T E you and you team for a sterling work on the ear training. Since I have downloaded your trial program from the Internet it kept me absorbed already several nights close to the dawn. It is Brilliant!!! I have great a difficulty to detach myself from my laptop. It is un-put-downable! What a great use of the IT in music. My copy of the program will be on the way to me tomorrow.
My great respect to you and everybody contributing to this venture.
Thank you very much indeed!

P.S.: My only regret is that I have found you program so late. It is worth all money and then some.

Tomasz J. Kurek, Amateur musician - Piano, Johannesburg, South Africa
Hans, this software is the best. It really is helping me to learn piano by ear! I don't know how you figured out all the right exercises to use. But each one you placed there is exactly what is needed! Hans if you ever had wondered if you got it just right! Trust me, from all the research I've been doing to figure out how to learn, your software is it! You absolutely got it perfect! Great job!!!
Jim Carrillo, Advanced piano student, Tampa Bay, Florida
I teach guitar for a living and I have to say that your program really hits the nail on the head and allows the user to concentrate on what he wants to personally develop. I've tried a few ear training programs in the past and really been disappointed. Your stuff really lets me work on what I want to work on and the whole interface is very well put together.
I really salute you guys for creating something that truly benefits musicians and I am sure that it is worth every penny. I have already started to recommend your software to all of my students.
Justin Proudman, Guitar teacher, UK
Your program is awesome and I am making great progress. I have been playing classical guitar for almost 20 years now and I have tried other perfect pitch programs and failed at them. Their concept was always from the playing a cd and listening to it. Your program is like having a teacher in front of me. When I make a mistake, it fires it back at me and pushes me to learn. Thanks again for your wonderful program, I have been looking for something like this for years. I will recommend this to all of my students and fellow musicians.
Mark Millage, Classical guitar, Music teacher, Florida, USA
Your software has helped my hearing progress astronomically faster than the traditional 'find your partner' approach. I am very hard on myself I push myself as an athlete in training might, and your software keeps up with my pace quite well. I have grown in leaps and bounds thanks to the tool you have graciously provided. I say graciously, because the fee is nominal in comparison to the returns.
Shahzad Ismaily, Professional musician, Bass and electronics, Brooklyn, New York
I have been blown away by your EarMaster. I am at the University of Newcastle Conservatorium of Music, Australia and have found that using this software has improved my Aural capabilities enormously. Each point covered by EarMaster is exactly the areas in which we are working. I find EarMaster really easy to use. Thank you for turning what can be a very tedious subject into one that is extremely enjoyable.
Jan Boyle, University of Newcastle Conservatorium of Music, Australia
My students thoroughly enjoy your program. In fact, I am going to get rid of my ....... and other ear training programs because my students would rather use your software.
Genny Rafferty, Piano teacher, Phoenix, Arizona
I recommend EarMaster without hesitation to any student or professional who wants to shift their aural skills into overdrive. (...) Even students with perfect pitch will be very hard pressed to max out the unlimited potential with your wonderful program, and I know few people who could master the melodic dictation up to 9 random chromatic notes. Thank you for writing such a great program.
Douglas Martin, Music student, University of Michigan, USA
I'm am currently in my third year at Queensland Conservatorium in Jazz Studies and just before aural/listening exams my computer and your fantastic program certainly takes a pounding. It has been an essential tool in the development of my musical ear. Thanks again.
Ross Williams, Music student, Queensland Conservatorium, Australia
This is so good I cannot stop recommending it! All those boring music lessons now become fun, and you can see and hear yourself getting better! If school was like this we would all be Einsteins.
Mark Kober-Smith, Notary Public, and amateur musician, London
I am a jazz saxophonist, and I have now been using the program for several months. Over time I have come to regard it as my second instrument. Working at it every day I am becoming able to recognise any interval in an instant, hear chord changes in and sight read tricky syncopated jazz rhythms. What more could a Jazzer want?!!!
Steve Deckett, Jazz saxophonist, UK
I'm talking about this program to all the musicians in this city. Everybody says, this is a wonderful program easy to use, easy to understand. I think that this program is the teacher that every musician must have at home.
Juan Daniel Muñoz, Drummer and band leader, Mexico
Hans, your program is one of the best I've ever used. Not only is it logical, intuitive, deeply interactive, (...). It is smart - very, very smart, and very easy to use. What I love most is what I can do on the Scale Identification page. Whether I click a piano key, a guitar string, or ledger line or space, the note and tone always play perfectly and simultaneously display everywhere. Talk about great reinforcement!! And then when I discovered that I could hold in my mouse button and drag the cursor across multiple notes only to have them all play/display, well, that sold me right there - at that point I knew I just had to buy this software. What a smart, smart program.
Raymond Smith, Keyboards & Electric Bass Guitar, Irving, Texas, USA
Dear Hans: I think EarMaster is terrific. I have ordered it and just received the software and am anxious to install it. I have also referred the program to several of my friends, as well as my teacher. I am an adult piano student, having taken lessons for 6 years, starting at 44 years of age. I have found that I am a visual learner and that it is difficult for me to learn piano the traditional way because I have a difficult time not being able to see my hands as I read the music. I am not making the visual connection between my hands and the music, easily. But, that was before EarMaster.
Beyond learning how to learn by ear, EarMaster has helped me to visually associate the sound of a key to the piano key itself because both are right before me on the computer screen. Now, when I play the piano acoustically, I am finding it to be much easier because I can now 'see' where my hands are while still reading the music.
Linda Carey Kunnath, Piano player, USA
I am impressed with this product. In the process of searching for this type of software I had occasion to try several other programs. None of them came close to providing the depth of exercises and the ease of use that EarMaster does.
Mike Nekechuk, Amateur musician, Ottawa, Canada
EarMaster has been the best ear training software that I have tried. It looks very nice and it has everything I need to practice! It is GREAT!
Miguel-Gerardo Brito, Music student, Puebla, Mexico
One of the best programs of its kind. For the price you ask, unbeatable...
Axel Gallrein, Hobby musician, Berlin, Germany
This is far and away the best ear training program I've come across, and it's much less expensive than many others.
Michael Rosenberg, Professional musician, California
I really enjoyed using the EarMaster evaluation copy. As a software developer I can appreciate that you've done a great job both in design and implementation.
Alan Macy, Responsive Software, Trinidad, California
What a great tool!
Doug Mitchell, Music student, Seattle, USA
I think EarMaster is one of the best ear trainers I have seen. It is quite powerful, its appearance is visually pleasing, it is uncluttered and it is simple to use. I like the large keyboard and the three different ways test questions can be answered. I also like the clearly set out way in which users can create their own chords and scales.
Doug Truter, Australia
I have only been using EarMaster for one week, and I'm able to now play songs by ear. Unbelievable.Thank you. I highly recommend EarMaster.
Sheila Evans, keyboard, Chicago, USA
Many people might say that a computer cannot replace human beings, but EarMaster certainly comes close in many ways. Given the nature of our discipline and the large amount of practice required, EarMaster is a patient and non-judgmental teacher.
Dr. David Ehrke, Professor of Music, University of Nevada, Reno
Yes, we wrote the quotes ourselves! (just kidding) - How did we get them? They are just a few of the comments we have received by email. All authors are quoted with permission.
Webmaster, EarMaster.com