Testimonials from music schools

Academic users share their thoughts about EarMaster

We have a lot of good things to tell about EarMaster, but it's easy to argue that we are rather biased, being the developers of the software. So we have asked some of the academic users of EarMaster to share their thoughts and explain why they chose EarMaster, how they use it, and what educational strategies they aimed to achieve by using it in their classrooms. 

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BeatLab Academy, Los Angeles, USA

"Although Beat Lab Academy™ is a modern music production school that teaches students to use the computer as a musical instrument; we emphasize a great amount of our teaching around Music Theory. 

The first level of our full program covers fundamentals of music theory and ear training. By using EarMaster throughout our classes, teachers are able to explain, demonstrate, and engage student development with much more ease and efficiency.

EarMaster is the best ear training software we ever came across and we are honored to include it in our curriculum." 

Larry Corbi
BDM, Beat Lab Academy

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University of Nevada, Reno, USA

"Congratulations are in order; finally a comprehensive ear-training program that truly suits all of our needs at the University of Nevada, Reno!

I have taught the two-year ear-training core curriculum for music majors for more than 20 years and have used a number of computer-assisted classroom teaching aids. I ran two programs simultaneously for a number of years because no individual program "did it all." EarMaster has finally solved that problem.

There are three aspects of the EarMaster [...] program that I find compelling:
- The ease of operation for both the student and teacher.
- The power and comprehensiveness of the programming.
- The flexibility and range of applications.

EarMaster is very user-friendly and the students pick it up immediately. Their comments about EarMaster are universally positive in the mandatory class evaluations completed at the end of every semester. It took very little time to learn how to write my own tutors and lessons, always a worry for professors who have dealt with the difficult learning curves of various music publishing programs.

Many people might say that a computer cannot replace human beings, but EarMaster certainly comes close in many ways. Given the nature of our discipline and the large amount of practice required, EarMaster is a patient and non-judgmental teacher. I often tell my clarinet and saxophone students to practice as if I were sitting next to them and think about what I would say to them while practicing. That is what EarMaster does for my sight-singing students. Your efforts have made EarMaster an integral part of our program and I can’t imagine getting along with out it. Thank you."

david ehrkeDr. David Ehrke
Professor of Music
University of Nevada, Reno