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Music Theory & Ear training Software for All Skill Levels

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Learn to play by ear and read from sheet music with EarMaster

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Sight-singing exercise with real-time pitch and rhythm evaluation

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Chord identification exercise with piano interface selected

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Configure your own exercises easily

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Learn to identify intervals, chords, scales, melodies by ear

  • Over 2000 exercises for ear training, sight-singing, and rhythm training for all skill levels
  • Learn to recognize, transcribe, play and sing melodies, scales, chords, intervals, chord progressions and rhythms
  • Jazz course with swing rhythms, jazz chords, and sight-singing of Jazz standards
  • Detailed statistics to monitor your progress
  • Customize the exercises to practice the way you want
  • Use a microphone or a MIDI Keyboard to play, sing and clap your answers in real-time
  • Used by thousands of music schools across the globe
  • Available in 14 languages on Windows and Mac OSX!
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quote open The most important thing I look for in a musician is whether he knows how to listen quote close - Duke Ellington

Chris Minh Doky
Professional Jazz bassist

chris minh dokyI quickly found out that ear training was important.

Dr. David Ehrke
University of Nevada, Reno

david ehrkeFinally a comprehensive ear training program that truly suits our needs at UNR.

Damien Nolan
Guitarist - Pete Townshend, Skunk Anansie

damien nolan I have been a big EarMaster fan for many years!!

Dr. Evangelos Himonides
IOE, University of London

evangelos himonidesYou cannot become a musician if you are not training your ears.

jazzguitar logo"To help get your ears to the next level, EarMaster ApS has brought out their EarMaster Pro 6 software, a program designed to get you to the next level of listening skills in a fun, educational and personalized manner."

Matt Warnock, Jazz Guitar Online (

amtm"This is a terrific program - one that I know will quickly become a staple in my computer lab."

Michelle Gordon, American Music Teacher Magazine