What is Sight-Singing?

Sight-singing and ear training go hand in hand - here is why, and how you can train both


What is sight-singing?

Sight-singing is the ability to read and sing music at first sight, also referred to as vocal sight-reading or prima vista.
Sight-singing not only help your improve your sight-reading skills (the ability to read sheet music), but it will also make you work on your pitch accuracy and rhythmical skills. It is crucial to practice with varied melodies in different keys with rhythmic variations.

Sight-singing and ear training go hand in hand. In order to vocalize the notes you read at the correct pitch, it is necessary to make use of what is called Inner Hearing (in the Kodàly tradition) or Audiation. Mastering your inner hearing skills means that you are able to picture how notes sound without actually hearing them. Once your aural skills are trained enough with the help of proper ear training, sight-singing at the correct pitch will become much more natural.

This is exactly what you can achieve with EarMaster 6 and its 14 activities for ear training and sight-singing activity. So our best advice right now if you would like to become a fast sight-reader with great pitch accuracy, is to download the 7-day trial version of EarMaster Pro 6 and dig into the 2000+ exercises included in the software.


Melody imitation - an easy and entertaining way to fine-tune your pitch memory

Melody imitation is a brand new activity in EarMaster 6. It helps you improve pitch memory and accuracy: after listening to a melody, you will be asked to echo it by singing it into a microphone. EarMaster will then analyze in real-time the accuracy of your performance (intonation and rhythm) and give you detailed feedback.
There is a direct connection between hearing pitches correctly and singing them accurately. Actually, Most singers with poor pitch accuracy usually simply need to train their aural skills. Therefore, daily ear training will help you develop your singing skills and become a better musician.

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Sight-singing with EarMaster

Efficient sight-singing and ear training method with live voice input and real-time feedback

With the new sing-back activity (melody imitation) og EarMaster, you can practice your intonation and pitch memory in a fun and efficient way. If you are enrolled at a music school, you will often need to sight-read for specific exams. So training regularly with EarMaster's sight-singing exercises will definitely be a great help for your musical studies. If you are a beginner, exercising your aural and vocal skills with EarMaster will open a world of professional opportunities, making you able to shine at auditions and sing sheet music accurately the first time you see them.

 How will I learn?

EarMaster 6 will guide you through interactive sight-singing exercises and lessons, increasing progressively the difficulty and introducing new rhythmic patterns - often the most challenging part of sight-reading. Experienced singers will be able to pick the areas where they need most practice: pitch, intervals, scales, chords, rhythm or melody imitation.

Just sing, sing, sing!
EarMaster's Melody imitation exercises train you to memorize melodies and sing them back in tune.
It is a fun and engaging exercise - and nobody has to hear when you are not singing all that precise...


Practice everyday
With ear training, the best results come with short practice sessions done on a regular basis.
The ideal method is to train every single day for about 10 to 20 minutes rather than doing one long sitting once a month.


No requirements
Sight-singing and melody imitation focus on improving your relative ear skills - you do not need perfect pitch or any supernatural skills! 
While some basic music theory notions are needed for proficient sight-reading, there are no requirements to improve your intonation with melodic imitation: just hear the melody and sing it back!


Why sing to a computer?

The problem with most singers that sing out of tune is that they don't know they do.
Using ear training such as EarMaster for your musical training can solve that, because it will give you instant feedback on your pitch accuracy!
It is the smartest, most motivating and especially most efficient way to become a better musician and singer.

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