How to buy EarMaster

EarMaster is available as a subscription for individuals, as well as Cloud credits for music schools, choirs, or private teaching studios. If you don't need to use EarMaster on several platforms, device-specific licenses are also available as one-time purchases.

  • For individuals
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  • Personal subscription on all platforms
  • EarMaster app on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Chromebook

  • Subscribe now

  • One-time purchase for one platform
  • Don't need to use EarMaster on all platforms or sync your results and progress across devices? Buy EarMaster as a one-time purchase for a specific platform:
  • Buy a serial number for Windows and Mac
  • Buy as in-app purchases on iOS, Android or Mac
  • For schools, choirs and private teachers
  • Cloud credits for educational institutions
  • All-in-one solution to teach ear training and sight-singing with EarMaster
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  • Includes:
  • Student version on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Chromebook
  • Teacher version on Windows and Mac
  • Cloud sync of assignments and results
  • Unlimited email support with in-house staff

  • Buy online   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Buy from a reseller
  • Buy EarMaster desktop licenses or Cloud credits for your school from an EarMaster reseller near you.
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