About EarMaster ApS

EarMaster ApS is a Danish music software company founded in 1994. Being musicians ourselves, our mission is to develop the best music learning software possible for the benefit of musicians of all horizons.

What drives our company is a deep passion for music in all its shapes and colors. All of our employees are musicians and avid users of EarMaster on a personal basis.

Awards and Prizes

New Apps we Love MTAwards19 DigiTech FIN Namm Tec awards nominee gazelle 2011
In 2020. EarMaster was promoted by Apple as New App we love - Best App of the Month upon release of the iPhone version. In 2019. EarMaster was nominated as a finalist for the Music Teacher Awards for Excellence in the Outstanding Digital/Technological Resource category. In 2017, EarMaster was nominated in the "Best educational tool" categoryat the prestigeous NAMM TEC Awards in Los Angeles. In 2011 and 2012, our company was awarded 2 consecutive Gazelle Prizes by Danish financial newspaper Børsen for being one of Denmark's fastest-growing companies.

The people

Hans JakobsenHans Lavdal Jakobsen, M.Sc. Robotics


Hans is the original founder of EarMaster. Today, he is the CEO of the company and was, until 2021, the lead developer of the EarMaster software. With his engineering background in robotics and his personal interest for Jazz and Pop, he developed the idea of EarMaster back in the mid-90's and created the great ear training program we know today. He plays the piano, mainly jazz and gospel music, and plays at various Gospel events in the area where he lives.


Leon MortensenLeon Mortensen, M.Sc. Computer Science

Lead Developer and Product Manager

Leon joined EarMaster in 2021 to boost the development of EarMaster and take it to new territories. His long experience as studio & broadcast product development leader at TC Electronic makes him the perfect man to take EarMaster's product develoment to a new level. When he's not developing products and software, Leon likes to read a good book, listen to Jazz or Classical music, hike in the wilderness or along Caminos, run, do Yoga or drink a good glass of red wine with friends. He plays the Guitar and also spent some time studying philosophy, ethics and religion.


Quentin NicolletQuentin Høegh Nicollet, M.A. English & European Studies

Sales & Marketing manager

Quentin from France is taking care of EarMaster's marketing, distribution and customer/sales support. He is also contributing to the development of EarMaster (graphics, content, UI/UX, localization, etc.). He holds a MA in English and European Studies from Sorbonne Nouvelle university in Paris and the University of Aarhus in Denmark. When he's not at the office or with his family, he is either recording music in his studio, playing shows with his bands in which he plays guitar, or taking care of his record label. His favorite musical genre is Metal - mostly black, as in coffee - but he also likes Rock, Gipsy Jazz, Neo Folk, Blues, Classical music, and Johnny Cash.


Irene LabradorIrene Labrador, M.Mus. Cello Performance

Support and marketing - Spanish-speaking countries

Irene from Barcelona takes care of our Spanish-language activities: translations, customer support and some marketing tasks. Cellist by profession, she took a Master in Cello Performance at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark, where she also works as a cello and orchestra teacher. Over the years, her holistic views on music have brought her to study other musical fields such as ear training, singing, dancing, theater and yoga. She can't stand still!



Niclas Facius, M.Sc. Media Science

Support and marketing

Niclas has a Master's degree in Media Science from Aarhus University, and is mainly taking care of customer support at EarMaster. He has been playing music (mainly drums & percussion) since he was able to hold a drumstick, and has played pretty much everything from classical percussion with different orchestras to touring around the world as a drummer in his hardcore band Road To Manila. He listens to indie, rock, hardcore & metal, jazz, hip-hop, classical and everything in-between. Besides his work at EarMaster, he also runs a video company called Norf Studio. 



The office

Egaa MarinaOur office is based in Aarhus, Denmark. Located in northern Europe, Denmark is a small country of 6 million people. Our office building is located at the beautiful yachting marina of Egå, where fresh air and a nice view of the Baltic sea inspires us everyday. Our work environment is quite relaxed. That means: no suits and ties, and a bit of fun and music is always welcome.

The EarMaster history

The EarMaster history goes back to 1992, where founder Hans Jakobsen was preparing for conservatory training. He seriously needed to develop his musical ear fast, but could not find any effective ear training tools. These circumstances paved the way for the foundation of EarMaster.

Hans came up with the idea of using computers for ear training, and by 1994 he had developed the first software program for ear training - a simple program primarily intended for music students. In 1996 the first edition of EarMaster saw the light of day. EarMaster not only addressed music students, who shared similar experiences, but now all musicians could benefit from our program - and from their own musical ear!

Starting up more than a decade ago with a DOS-based program and now having, in our opinion, the best ear training software in the world - translated into many languages and distributed globally - tells us that a lot of ears need us!