EarMaster Cloud for music schools, choirs, and universities

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The ideal teaching tool for your music theory, ear training, and sight-singing classes

EarMaster Cloud is the ideal solution to teach ear training and sight-singing. It includes:

  • Unlimited users - Add or remove as many users as you need, anytime you want.
  • Students & Teachers versions of EarMaster on Windows/Mac/iPad - for both home and school use.
  • A course editor to create your own sets of ear training, sight-singing and rhythmic exercises, tests and home assignments.
  • Automatic syncing of courses, assignments and results made in EarMaster over the internet.
  • Easy and flexible online license management.
  • Always updated to the latest EarMaster version.
  • No recurring fees - Re-fill your EarMaster Cloud account with more credits whenever you need. 
  • Free and unlimited email support with qualified in-house staff.
  • NEW: Now also for iPad! Your students can now also use EarMaster Cloud on their iPad at no extra cost - it's included in the price of the Cloud credits!

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How does it work?

1. Order a pack of EarMaster Cloud credits that suits your needs (See further down for more details)

2. Create a school account online and assign user licenses

Go to cloud.earmaster.com to redeem your EarMaster Cloud credits, create and administrate the account of your school, add users (manually or by uploading a list of students), see how many Cloud credits you have left, and redeem additional Cloud credits.

3. Download EarMaster on your Mac, PC or iPad

Each user you add to the EarMaster Cloud of your school receives an email with his login credentials and a link to download the software on PC, Mac or iPad. 

4. Assignments and results are sync'ed automatically - no setup required

Lessons, assignments, tests and results are all stored securely in the Cloud and synced automatically over the internet between the computers of the teachers and those of the students. As students complete their assignments, their results become available to the teachers in EarMaster on PC or Mac. 

A flexible and cost-efficient solution

Online license management on secure website

Users are managed on a secure website by the staff of your school, and the students simply install the program or the iPad app from home as soon as they have been granted access.

For home and school use at no extra cost

Students and teachers can use EarMaster both at school, at home, or anywhere else by simply activating the software or the iPad app with their EarMaster Cloud login.

Can work offline temporarily

No internet access? No problem - EarMaster will temporarily store all your data on your computer or iPad, and upload it to the Cloud as soon as you are online again. 

Consumable credits - A cost-efficient licensing system

EarMaster Cloud credit system is usage-based, like a pre-paid phone card, for example. When you purchase a pack of EarMaster Cloud credits, they are added to the account of your school and consumed as you go according to the number of users in your account. You are free to add or remove as many student profiles as often as you need, anytime you want. 

Get the numbers - here is the EarMaster Cloud credits are consumed:
One credit corresponds to one year of use for one user. Every day, the system will debit 1/365 credits from the account for each active user. After 365 days (i.e. one year), a total of 1 credit has been charged for one user. In the example below, having 18 active users will result in a daily charge of 0.0493 credits, which corresponds to a yearly charge of 18 credits. In the example below there are 17.05 credits left on the account, and with 18 active users it means the licenses runs for 346 days: slightly less than a year, because a full year would require 18 credits left.



I am [also] glad that we are not limited to the amount of users so long as we have enough credits. That is very helpful and different from a lot of software companies out there
- Michelle Brown, Forte Academy of Music, Littleton, CO, USA

Cloud license pricing

20 credits - US$ 149 (US$ 7.45 per credit)
100 credits - US$ 499 (US$ 4.99 per credit)
200 credits - US$ 799 (US$ 3.99 per credit)
400 credits - US$ 1499 (US$ 3.75 per credit)
1000 credits - US$ 2999 (US$ 2.99 per credit)


EarMaster Cloud License Calculator

To find the credit pack matches your needs best, simply use the Cloud license calculator below.

Enter the number of users students and teacher that will be using EarMaster at your school in order to see how long each credit pack will last:


Credits License duration
20 Credits --
40 Credits --
100 Credits --
200 Credits --
400 Credits --
1000 Credits --
You are free to add or remove users anytime you want. The system will simply update the rate at which the credits are consumed.

Notice that you are free to combine credit packs of different sizes, or refill your EarMaster Cloud account at any time by simply buying more credits.

Need more info? Please get in touch: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Order online or get a quote

Are you ready to use EarMaster Cloud with your ear training and music theory classes? You have 3 options:

1. Get a quote:
Go to www.earmaster.com/shop.html, select the EarMaster Cloud credits pack of your choice and choose "Get a quote" as payment method. You will then receive an automatic quote by email.

If you have specific requirements, you can also request a quote from our sales team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2. Order online:
Online payment with VISA, MASTERCARD, PAYPAL, or JCB. Online orders are delivered instantly by email upon completion of your payment. 

3. Order form a reseller:
EarMaster has a large network of distributors and resellers operating in most countries. You will find a list of our commercial partners on this page: Find a reseller >>

If you have questions, please contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
We can also arrange a Skype meeting with your group of teachers and decision-makers, where we can show how the solution works and you can ask questions.

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