EarMaster Cloud for music schools, choirs, and universities

The ideal teaching tool for your Musicianship classes

Music Teacher Awards finalist 2019

EarMaster Cloud includes:

  • Student version of EarMaster on Windows, Mac and iPad for both home and school use
  • Teacher version of EarMaster on PC and Mac
  • 2500 ready-to-use lessons for most teaching levels, including the new Beginner's Course and the RCM Voice Levels 1-6 exam preparation course
  • A workbook editor to create your own sets of ear training, sight-singing and rhythmic exercises (PC/Mac only)
  • 2 flexible purchasing models: Student-paid subscriptions or "Pay-per-use" licensing (Pay only for the licenses your school actually uses)
  • Cloud syncing of assignments and results
  • Easy online license management.
  • Always updated to the latest EarMaster version.
  • Free and unlimited email support
  • Can work offline - No internet access? No problem - EarMaster will temporarily store all your data on your computer or iPad, and upload it to the Cloud as soon as you are online again.

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"I adopted EarMaster specifically for the melodic sight-singing feature. I needed a way to get students to practice sight singing regularly and on their own, and EarMaster has been very effective for that purpose. The program does a much better job of detecting and accurately evaluating singing than did the other software I had been using previously, leading to fewer complaints from students and, I think, better learning outcomes. Some students have also chosen to use and have benefited from other features of the program, especially the customizable exercises. I also like the flexibility of the credit system for managing users".

Daniel Goldberg, Assistant Professor in Residence of Music Theory, University of Connecticut, USA

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Teacher version included

With EarMaster Cloud, teachers get access to everything from the student version of EarMaster, plus a set of additional teaching tools on PC and Mac:

  • A Workbook Editor to create exercises and assignments for your students
  • An Assignment Manager to easily assign workbooks remotely
  • A complete interface to monitor Student Results
  • an online Admin Console to manage users and classes online
  • Cloud syncing of assignments and results for remote teaching

Create ear training and sight-singing exercises easily

customize rhyEarMaster Cloud comes with a built-in workbook editor that will help you create complete sets of exercises that follow your class curriculum.

Workbooks made in EarMaster are easily assigned to whole classes or to individual students. Workbooks assigned to a student show up automatically in EarMaster when he/she starts it. 

You can configure the activities available in EarMaster to have the software generate exercises on-the-fly, or you can base your assignments on scores from EarMaster's score library. It includes 200+ Jazz lead sheets taken from the Fake Book, as well as 400+ classical scores (Bach, Mozart, Haydn, etc.).

Monitor the results of your students

StatsThe Student Results interface displays useful information about the results of each student. It makes it very easy to spot areas which some of your students may be struggling with, or to identify topics that need to be covered for the next class sessions. All results and statistics are pre-formatted and can be printed or exported to a PDF file. 

Hand out assignments

Mel Dict
Share your assignments, drills and tests easily with your students and classes. Everything is kept automatically in sync and ready to use anytime, anywhere.

Two licensing models available

OPTION 1 - Free teacher accounts + student-paid subscriptions

Students subscribe to EarMaster on a private basis. The subscription costs US$ 3.99 per month and there is no binding period.

Schools get a free school account with 1 free teacher account. Schools get 1 additional teacher account per steps of 20 subscribed students

To get started with this option and obtain your free school account, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

OPTION 2 - School-paid licenses

A school buys EarMaster Cloud "credits" which are consumed each day according to the current number of users in your school account : 1 credit will enable 1 user for 365 days (1 year).

As long as there are credits left on your account, you can enroll as many users as you want - there is no limit! When your school account runs out of credits, licences are temporarily deactivated. You can then choose to resume them by adding more credits to your account. That way, you are free to purchase enough credits for several years of use in advance, thereby avoiding the hassle of yearly budgeting.

EarMaster Cloud Credits:
10 to 19 credits - US178.08/month per user (US.95 per credit)
20 to 99 credits - US


Credits License duration
20 Credits --
40 Credits --
100 Credits --
200 Credits --
400 Credits --
1000 Credits --
You are free to add or remove users anytime you want. The system will simply update the rate at which the credits are consumed.
.83/month per user (US.95 per credit)
100 credits or more - US[module-178].58/month per user (US.95 per credit)

Credit packs deals - save up to 45%:
20 credits - US[module-178].83/month per user (US.95 per credit)
100 credits - US[module-178].54/month per user (US.49 per credit)
400 credits - US[module-178].42/month per user (US.99 per credit)
1000 credits - US[module-178].33/month per user (US.99 per credit)

"I am [also] glad that we are not limited to the amount of users so long as we have enough credits. That is very helpful and different from a lot of software companies out there".

- Michelle Brown, Forte Academy of Music, Littleton, CO, USA

How to order EarMaster Cloud credits: 

Get a quote:
Go to www.earmaster.com/shop.html, select EarMaster Cloud credits or a credit pack of your choice and choose "Get a quote" as payment method. You will then receive an automatic quote by email.

If you have specific requirements, you can also request a quote from our sales team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Order online:
Online payment with VISA, MASTERCARD, PAYPAL, or JCB. Credit packs are delivered instantly by email upon completion of your payment. Buy online >>

Order from a reseller
EarMaster has a large network of distributors and resellers operating in most countries. You will find a list of our commercial partners on this page: Find a reseller >>

Get the numbers - here is how the EarMaster Cloud credits are consumed:
One credit corresponds to 365 days (one year) of use for one user. Every day, the system will check the current number of users on your account and debit 1/365 credits for each active user. After 365 days (one year), a total of 1 credit has been debited by one user.

In the example below, having 16 active users will result in a daily charge of 0.0438 credits. There are 11.93 credits left on the account, so with 16 active users the user accounts will remain active for 272 days. dashboard3


If you have questions, please contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
We can also arrange a Skype meeting with your group of teachers and decision-makers, where we can show how the solution works and you can ask questions.