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Nanu? Seite auf Englisch? Hallo, ja das stimmt. Momentan arbeiten wir daran, die gesamte EarMaster-Webseite nun auch auf Deutsch anbieten zu können. Das braucht natürlich Zeit. Vieles haben wir schon geschafft, der Rest folgt bald. In der Zwischenzeit kannst du dir ja die kostenfreie EarMaster-Version downloaden, denn die gibt es ja schon lange in vielen Sprachen. Deutsch inklusive. Bis dann …


Join the EarMaster Street Team

Help us spread the word about EarMaster and get a free EarMaster subscription


1. Sign up for the street team

2. We send you EarMaster posters to be hung at your music school, music store etc. 

3. Take a picture of the posters and send it to us to get your reward (EarMaster 6-month subscription or gadgets)


To join the EarMaster street team, you will only be have to give a couple of hours of your time every 6 months or so. Your task will consist in hanging posters at your local music school, music store, association or similar places. Your efforts will be rewarded with an EarMaster subscription that will be active for as long as you are an active member of the Street Team (renewable every 6 months by simply hanging new posters). If you are already one of our loyal users, you can also get EarMaster-themed items such as the EarMaster PitchBoy pocket tuner, the EarMaster mouse mat, and more.