Support articles for EarMaster Cloud Students

  • Connect to the Cloud
  • Training modes
  • Working with assignments
  • Results and stats

Connect to the Cloud

How to proceed

Your EarMaster Cloud login credentials were sent to you by email when your user account was created by the admin of your school. You will need these credentials to connect EarMaster to the cloud on your PC, Mac or iPad. 

Your EarMaster Cloud credentials consist of:

  • The school ID of your school
  • Your user name
  • Your password

cloud login ipadiPad (students only)

  1. Download the free EarMaster App from the App Store
  2. Tap the cloud-shaped icon at the top left of the screen, type your EarMaster Cloud user credentials and tap "Log in". 

PC/Mac (students and teachers)

  1. Download EarMaster for PC or Mac using the download link located in the email you received from EarMaster Cloud. 
  2. Tap the cloud-shaped icon at the top left of the screen, type your EarMaster Cloud user credentials and tap "Log in". 

If you are a Teacher, you will have access to 2 tabs at the bottom of the screen:

  • A Teacher view that gives you access to EarMaster's 4 teaching tools: Student Results, Assignment Manager, Workbook Editor, and Music Library.
  • A Normal view which shows you the standard home screen of EarMaster, as seen by your students.

Lost your credentials?

Don't worry. Go to this page and type the email address that was used to create your EarMaster Cloud user account. You will then receive an email with new credentials.

Training Modes

The first thing you see when you start EarMaster is a list of training modes. Those training modes can be built-in courses provided by EarMaster or assignments sent by your teachers.

You will also find a Customized Exercise training mode at the bottom of the list. This is your private playground in the software where you can configure your own exercises without being monitored by your teacher. All results obtained in the Customized Exercise mode are not synced with the cloud and are therefore only visible to you

EarMaster training modes

As you complete the exercises, your teacher will automatically receive your results. By default, only your best score at each lesson will be shown to your teacher, but he or she will also be able to obtain a detailed view of all your attempts.

Class Assignments

In the screenshot above, clicking on Evening Class Assignments will let me use the assignments sent by my teacher to the class called Evening Class, in which I am enrolled.

If my teacher sends a new assignment to my class, I will see a flag icon to the right of  Evening Class Assignments in the home screen of EarMaster. It will tell me that a new assignment has arrived and is ready to use.


Personal Assignments

In the Personal Assignments section, you will find assignments that your teacher has assigned to you personally. These can be supplementary exercises, extra homework, etc. They work the same way as the class assignments described above.

Built-In Content

 As an EarMaster Cloud student, you get access to all the content of the full version of EarMaster:

  • Beginner's Course - complete course to learn of revise the fundamentals of music theory and ear training.
  • General Workshops - 14 workshops to perfect most of your listening and sight-singing skills.
  • Jazz Workshops - 9 workshops to dive into the specifics of Jazz ear training, sight-singing and rhythm study.
  • RCM Voice - Levels 1 to 6 - A compete course to get prepared for the Royal Conservatory of Music's vocal exams at levels 1 to 6.
  • Customized Exercise - Take full control over your training sessions by configuring your own exercises (not synced with the cloud). 

Working with Assignments

Results and Stats

As you complete the exercises of EarMaster, your results will be stored in the software's Results and Statistics.

You can view them by clicking on this icon in the home screen of EarMaster: