Support articles for EarMaster Cloud account administrators

  • Account setup
  • Upload user lists
  • Invite students

EarMaster Cloud Account Setup (for the administrator)

EarMaster Cloud is comprised of 2 separate areas:

  • The administrative website at this is where the administrator of the account of a school manages users, credits and classes.

  • The EarMaster application for Windows, Mac and iPad, which is where the exercises are made and assigned (Teachers on PC/Mac) and completed (Students on all platforms). Students and teachers connect the app to the EarMaster Cloud account of their school using their personal EarMaster Cloud user credentials, which they have received by email. As soon as the app is connected, it will fetch class and course data from the cloud, and upload all results automatically as the students complete their assignments.

If your school is paying for student access with EarMaster Cloud credits, then you can watch this video tutorial or read the step-by-step instructions below to learn how to set up your school account:

How to proceed - school-paid user access

If your school has bought credits to give students access to EarMaster Cloud, then please follow the instructions below. If students are expected to pay for their own access to the system, then please refer to the section titled "How to proceed - student-paid subscriptions" further down.

1. Log into your Admin dashboard

Go to and log in with your administrator login, which was sent to you by e-mail and consists of:
    - School account ID
    - Password

The first thing you see when you have logged in is the Dashboard. It will display information on how many credits are available for your account, how many users and classes are active, etc.


2. [Optional] Create classes

Click on Manage Classes and create Classes (groups of students that will work on the same assignments). This step is optional, but even with only a few students, it will make it much easier to assign workbooks later on.

3. Add users

You can add users in two ways:

a. In bulk by uploading a user list (see "Upload user lists" tab above)
b. Manually one by one (read below)

To add users manually, click on Add Student or Add Teacher from the Dashboard or in the Manage Users page.

Please notice:

  • You have an Admin account now, but If you also want to use the software as a Teacher, then you will need to create a teacher account for yourself.
  • All the users you add receive an email with a download link and their user credentials. So make sure that your students are aware that an email from EarMaster Cloud is incoming before you add them to your account. Otherwise they might delete the email by mistake or oversee it.
  • If users have forgotten or lost their user credentials, you can resend them by using the Resend email function in Manage Users, or they can request a new one here: 
  • You can also delete the users that shouldn't be active any longer by checking boxes in the left column, and then by clicking on the Delete button.

Note: if your students don't have email addresses or if you would like to manage their account for them, you can add +[user name]  at the end of your email alias for each user you add. Then you will receive all the system emails sent to these users in your own inbox. For example: admin@earmaster.ear→admin+kevin@earmaster.ear. For more info, please check the FAQ. 

4. [Optional] Enroll students into classes

If you have created classes, you can now dispatch your students into them using the Enroll students into classes button from the Dashboard

5. Users connect EarMaster to the Cloud

Users have received their user credentials, so now they can connect the PC/Mac software or the iPad app to EarMaster Cloud (read the tab Connect EarMaster to the Cloud in  the Teacher and Student sections of the Cloud support pages)

7. If you have a Teacher account, you will have access to a special section in the PC/Mac version of EarMaster 7 (not available on iOS). Read tutorials here

How to proceed - student-paid subscriptions

If your students are going to pay for their own access by subscribing to EarMaster Cloud on a private basis, then here is how to proceed:

1. Go to your Admin dashboard at, find the USERS menu and click on EXTERNAL USERS.

2. Click on the button labelled INVITE STUDENTS and type the email addresses of the students you want to invite to subscribe. Type one email address per line, and then click SAVE to send out all invites. You should see a list of the invited students by setting the USER FILTER to INVITED and clicking on FETCH.

invite button

3. Your students will now receive an email with a link which will enable them to subscribe to EarMaster Cloud on a private basis while linking their account to your school account. As soon as a student has subscribed, you will see his/her name appear in the MANAGER USERS section of your Admin dashboard. 

Notice: If your school is not paying for student licenses, you should not use the "ADD STUDENT" feature visible in the main screen of the dashboard and in MANAGE USERS. The only thing you need to do is invite students as describe above. The rest is handled automatically. 


Upload a student list (for advanced users)

EarMaster Cloud user list uploads can contain either students or teachers, can be uploaded as .csv files or directly from a browser, and can work as reusable master lists or additive lists used one single time.

You can combine the options available to match the type of list you are uploading


To upload a user list, go to and click on Users-->Bulk Add/Edit Internal Users


Working with a master list

You can add, edit, and remove EarMaster Cloud users in bulk with a master list. This means that you will be using and updating that same one file each time you need to add or remove students to or from your account. After each upload, EarMaster Cloud will compare the new list with the users already in your account, and will operate the detected changes:

- new users will be added
- users that are in your account but have been removed from the uploaded list will be deleted
- users already in your account will not be modified (unless their details have been updated in the file)

You can edit your master list and re-upload it when new students are added to it or former students are removed. The updated file that is uploaded should include both current users and new users. Students that are not listed in the file will be removed from your EarMaster Cloud account.

Single-use lists for additive upload

Instead of maintaining a master list for your school, you can instead choose to upload single-use lists that only add users. You can choose to upload a list of students or a list of teachers. These users can be added to the root of the account, or to specific classes.

How to create, edit and save a user list

1) Always create and edit your lists with Notepad (Windows), TextEdit (Mac), or other text editors that can save CSV files in UTF-8 format in plain text (i.e. without formatting).

Important: you can't use Rich text word processors and spreadsheet editors such as MS Word, OpenOffice, Apple Pages or MS Excel, unless you specifically save the file in plain text (or CSV) format.

2) Add one student per line using this format:

<first name>, <last name>,<email>

Jorge, Lopez,jlopez@email.ear
Ella, Jensen,ejensen@email.ear
Kim, Lua,klua@email.ear

* you can optionally add a specific <username> and <password>: <first name>,<last name>,<email>,<username>,<password>. If they are not specified, they will be created automatically by EarMaster Cloud for each student. You can also specify just the <username> and let the password be generated.
* Users are identified by their email. It is therefore very important that each user has his own email. 2 users with the same email will be handled as duplicates by EarMaster Cloud.

3) Save the file as .csv in UTF-8 format (very important). If you are using the file below as template, then make sure to open it with Notepad (WIndows) or TextEdit (Mac OSX) and simply use the "Save" function of your text editor in order to keep the formatting of the file.

 Download CSV template

In EarMaster Cloud, there are 2 different user types:

A. INTERNAL USERS, for which a school pays with credits (also labelled "School-paid licenses" in the dashboard)
B. EXTERNAL USERS who pay for their own access to the platform with a $ 3.99 monthly subscription (also labelled "Student-paid subscriptions" in the dashboard)

To invite students to become EXTERNAL USERS and pay for their own access to EarMaster Cloud, please proceed this way: 

1. Log into your Admin dashboard at and click on Invite Students:

2. Then you will see an empty list of External users. This is the list we want to populate. To do that, click on "Invite students" again.

3. You can now type or paste a list of student emails that you would like to invite to subscribe to EarMaster Cloud. Add one email address per line. Finally, click SAVE to send invitations to your students.

You will see your students appear in the Manage users section of the Admin website and in the EarMaster software as they sign up to the system.