Aural Trainer for ABRSM (Windows/Mac)

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Aural Trainer for ABRSM

The easy way to succeed at ABRSM Aural Tests from Grade 1 to Grade 5

Are you taking an ABRSM grade? Then use EarMaster's Aural Trainer for ABRSM in order to be ready for the Aural Tests of Grades 1 to 5! Aural Trainer for ABRSM contains hundreds of interactive exercises that will give you all the skills you need to pass those daunting aural exams without problem and complete your ABRSM Grade - perhaps even with a distinction! 

- Pulse and Metre (Grades 1–3): clap the pulse of a musical excerpt, and identify the metre

- Echoes (Grades 1–3): sing back a short melody

- Differences (Grades 1-3): spot the difference between two melodies played consecutively

- Musical Features (Grades 1-5): notice and characterise the features of musical excerpts

- Melodic Repetition (Grades 4–5): sing back a short melody.

- Rhythmic Repetition and Metre (Grades 4–5): clap back the rhythm of a short melody

- Sight-Singing (Grades 4–5): sing notes from a score in free time

Each Grade ends with a Final Step recapitulating the last stage of all previous grade sections, making sure that you are ready for the exam!

Disclaimer: EarMaster and the Aural Trainer for ABRSM course are not affiliated with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music

Languages available:


System Requirements:

Windows computer running Windows 7 or newer
Mac running macOS 10.14 Mojave or newer

Microphone (built-in computer mic is OK)
2GB Ram
250 MB disk space


Use the software on up to 2 computers concurrently.


Electronic license delivered as a serial number to use in EarMaster 7 on Windows and Mac.

Do you want to be able to also use it on your phone and tablet? Then go for an EarMaster subscription or the 1-Year All-Access Pass instead!

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