Vocal Trainer (Windows/Mac)

Price: US$ 19.95

Vocal Trainer

200+ exercises to become a better singer

rcm exercise

Vocal Trainer is a new add-on course for EarMaster 7. It offers a complete set of progressive vocal exercises that will help you become a better singer on your Windows or Mac computer. 

The exercises in this course cover:

- Vocalizes
- Scale singing
Interval singing
- Melody singback
- Sight-singing 
- Rhythmic training
- Chord ear training
- Interval ear training

Languages available:


System Requirements:

Windows computer running Windows 7 or newer
Mac running macOS 10.12 or newer
Microphone (built-in computer mic is OK)
2GB Ram
200 MB disk space


Use the software on up to 2 computers concurrently.


Electronic license for Windows and Mac delivered as a serial number to use in EarMaster 7.

Notice: Vocal Trainer is a reboot of the now-discontinued RCM Voice Levels 1-6 course of EarMaster, with improvements. If you bought a license for RCM Voice Levels 1-6, you have now access to Vocal Trainer instead. Simply update EarMaster on your Mac or PC to use the newer improved version.

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