Teach music theory & ear training with EarMaster

New robust tools for the needs of today's music education

With EarMaster Cloud, you are getting access to a series of additional teaching tools:

  • A Workbook Editor to create exercises and assignments for your students
  • An Assignment Manager to easily assign workbooks remotely
  • A complete interface to monitor Student Results
  • an online Admin Console to manage users and classes online
  • Cloud syncing of assignments and results for remote teaching

* Notice that to assign courses dynamically as shown in the video, your school needs a EarMaster Cloud license or a EarMaster 6 Lab Pack, which include both EarMaster Teacher Edition (for the teachers) and EarMaster Pro (for the students).

Create ear training and sight-singing exercises easily

customize rhyEarMaster Cloud comes with a built-in workbook editor that will help you create complete sets of exercises that follow your class curriculum.

Workbooks made in EarMaster are easily assigned to whole classes or to individual students. Workbooks assigned to a student show up automatically in EarMaster when he/she starts it. 

Monitor the results of your students

StatsThe Student Results interface displays useful information about the results of each student. It makes it very easy to spot areas which some of your students may be struggling with, or to identify topics that need to be covered for the next class sessions. All results and statistics are pre-formatted and can be printed or exported to a PDF file. 

Hand out assignments

Mel DictShare your assignments, drills and tests easily with your students and classes. Everything is kept automatically in sync and ready to use anytime, anywhere.

Need more info?

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