RCM Voice (Windows/Mac)

Price: US$ 29.95

RCM Voice

Get ready for your RCM Voice exams from Preparatory level to Level 8

RCMVoicefront smlRCM Voice is a complete set of interactive exercises to prepare for the voice exams of the Royal Conservatory of Music from Preparatory level to Level 8.

The 500 exercises in EarMaster's RCM Voice course are structured around 63 chapters (between 6 and 7 chapters per level) that follow the 2019 Voice Syllabus of The Royal Conservatory. Each chapter covers the following topics:

- Technical Tests (e.g. singing scales)
- Clapback
- Sight-Singing
- Interval Ear Training
Chord Ear Training

RCM Voice is a stand-alone license. It doesn't require to have any other EarMaster license. When you purchase a license, you get a serial number that can be used in EarMaster 7 to unlock the RCM Voice course. 

Disclaimer: The Royal Conservatory is not affiliated with EarMaster's RCM Voice. 

Languages available:


System Requirements:

Windows computer running Windows 7 or newer
Mac running macOS 10.14 Mojave or newer
Microphone (built-in computer mic is OK)
2GB Ram
200 MB disk space


Use the software on up to 2 computers concurrently.


Electronic license for Windows and Mac delivered as a serial number to use in EarMaster 7.

Notice: EarMaster used to sell a course named RCM Voice - Levels 1-6. The exercises in that course followed the 2012 syllabus of the RCM Voice exams. It has now been re-worked and re-launched as Vocal Trainer which you can use with the newest update of EarMaster. This new RCM Voice course is a separate purchase which contains close to 3 times more exercises and is based on the current 2019 syllabus.

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